The Star Brood Cow Award is for cows whose progeny gain points based on daughters’ classification and production and/or son’s BW and conformation traits to earn her stars.

  1. Must be a member of Holstein Friesian New Zealand to nominate animal(s) for Star Brood Cow award(s).
  2. A registered Holstein Friesian cow shall be credited with one star for every six points gained by her progeny, provided that three or more of her progeny have earned points.
  3. When ET progeny have contributed to points, this must be indicated whenever a star award is published (eg. Smithy Zane Lucky 5*ET).
  4. A cow can be nominated at any time, including posthumously up to five years after her death. She may be re-nominated any number of times subsequent to the first nomination.
  5. If the member nominating the cow for Star Brood status does not own the cow, then written permission will be sought from the owner before the nomination is accepted.
  6. All results are available for publication.

On Daughters’ Classification

  • Each Excellent daughter earns 3 points
  • Each Very Good daughter earns 2 points
  • Each Good Plus daughter earns 1 point

On Seasonal Production

Each daughter with any one season’s production exceeding:

  • 255kg protein or 315kg fat or season LW 250 earns 3 points
  • 225kg protein or 275kg fat or season LW 175 earns 2 points
  • 190kg protein or 235kg fat or season LW 100 earns 1 point

On Lifetime Production

Each daughter with lifetime production exceeding:

  • 2,040kg protein or 2,520kg fat or season PW 300/80 earns 3 points
  • 1,880kg protein or 2,220kg fat or season PW 225/80 earns 2 points
  • 1,520kg protein or 1,880kg fat or season PW 150/80 earns 1 point

On Son’s Sire Survey

  • Each son earns 1 point for every 12 BW points as recorded on National Database. Son’s BW/Rel >80.

On Son’s TOP Sire Evaluation

  • Each son earns 1 point for every 0.3 Udder Overall points and 1 point for every 0.4 Dairy Conformation points as recorded on National Database. Son’s UO/Rel >75, DC/Rel >75.