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Open to members between five and 21 years of age, this competition offers young members the opportunity earn points by entering a photo in the Black & White Photo Competition and submitting a video of them with their calf.

There will be prizes for the first-place getters in each age group, along with the awarding of either the Arapeta (5-14 year olds) or Kingsland (15-21 year olds) Trophy. The overall winner from the Junior and Senior competition will receive a semen voucher sponsored by STgenetics.

  1. Youth entering this competition must be members of Holstein Friesian New Zealand.
  2. All calves entering the competition must be registered with Holstein Friesian New Zealand.
  3. The submission form must contain the entrant’s name, PTPT code, date of birth, and contact details, registered name of calf, lifetime identification (birth ID) and date of birth of calf.
  4. Points will be awarded to the following age groups: 5-14 years – Arapeta Trophy and 15-21 years – Kingsland Trophy. The age of the entrant will be as at 1 October 2023. The overall prize will be awarded to the Youth member with the highest points across both age groups annually.
  5. Points can be obtained through the entrant entering a photo into the Black & White Youth Photo Competition and a video submission.
  6. Each entrant must submit a 1–2-minute (max 2 minutes) video of them with their calf. The video must contain the following:
    • An introduction about entrant
    • The entrant should then introduce their calf, including the breeding i.e., dam/sire
    • Details of the work the entrant has done with their calf to get the animal ready for showing
    • The entrant should show themselves leading and standing their calf
  7. In the event of a tie, a count-back system will be used to determine the winner: photo competition winner.
  8. The closing date for submitting the completed form and video is 3 May 2024.
  9. Photo competition entries close 28 March 2024.
  10. The winners will be announced at the Holstein Friesian New Zealand Annual Conference annually.

Black & White Youth Photo Competition

Participation 3 points

1st place 6 points

2nd place 5 points

3rd place 4 points

4th place 3 points

5th place 2 points

6th place 1 point

Video Submission

Participation 3 points

1st place 10 points

2nd place 9 points

3rd place 8 points

4th place 7 points

5th place 6 points

6th place 5 points

All NZ Black & White Youth Calf Class Competition Entry Form

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Calf Details

Please Note: Photo competition entries are to be made separately. Click here for the Black & White Youth Photo Competition entry form. Photo competition entries close 28 March 2024.