This competition is awarded to the Senior and Junior Progeny teams with the highest points for classification based on the current seasons inspections, scores for Udder Overall and Final Score, Production Worth and Protein BV.

  1. Entries are limited to current Holstein Friesian New Zealand members residing in New Zealand.
  2. There are two sections, Senior & Junior with three prize winners in each section.
    1. Junior teams are made up of four daughters from one sire. Daughters must be under two years and six months of age at the time of calving and must be in-milk at the time of inspection.
    2. Senior teams are made up of five daughters from one sire. Four daughters must be older that two years and six months of age and must have calved and been tested in the year or the year preceding the competition. Senior teams may include one Junior animal.
  3. Cows must be milked at the normal time.
  4. All animals must be submitted for classification or, if previously classified must be available for inspection. All animals will be re-assessed for competition entry.
  5. For previously classified cows which are dry at the time of classification, the udder and overall points score from their last classification will be used to determine the type points.
  6. Entries must be registered Holstein Friesian and be a minimum of F12.
  7. All animals in the team must be owned by one family/member and milked in the same herd.
  8. The sire of a team must be a registered Holstein Friesian.
  9. Animals may be substituted at the time of inspection i.e. for ill health, death.
  10. The office will verify all animals through the National Database.
  11. All results are available for publication.

Type Points

Udder Score – 3 points for each Udder Overall score above 4 (max 15pts)

Overall awards – 3.5 points for each classification over 80 (max 35pts)

81 = 3.5pts          82 = 7pts            83 = 10.5pts          84 = 14pts          85 = 17.5pts

86 = 21pts        87 = 24.5pts        88 = 28 pts         89 = 31.5pts          EX = 35pts

Production Points – as at the main AE run in April.

Production Worth – 1 point for every 12 PW points above $0 to a maximum of $300 (max 25pts)

Protein BV – 1 point for every 2kg of Protein BV above 0kg to a maximum of 50kg of Protein BV