Sponsored by

Longsdale Holsteins

This competition is designed to identify outstanding photographs for the promotion of Holstein Friesians in New Zealand.

  1. Photos must be taken by the member entering the competition and each entry must be accompanied by the name and PTPT code of the member.
  2. One copy of each entry is required and may be in either colour or black and white. Use of any other filters is not permitted.
  3. All photos must be ‘5 x 7’ or ‘5 x 5’ in size.
  4. AI technology is banned from use in the Promotional Photo Competition.
  5. All results are available for publication.

Promotional Photo Competition Entry Form

Fields marked with an * are required. Please fill out a separate entry form for each entry.

Please ensure photo files are in .jpg format and a minimum of 2MB - a printing fee will apply. Attach photo file below or email directly to s.goldsbury@nzhfa.org.nz