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2021 Discovery Project team

The 2021 Discovery Project Team has recently been announced, with 30 heifers from 14 Holstein Friesian New Zealand breeders chosen to take part in this year’s TVR programme and breed genetically-elite Holstein Friesian cow families and males to contribute to the AI industry and the Holstein Friesian breed.

The full team is listed below:

Muritai LFR Wynona S3FMuritai Hhouse Wynona S2FLightburn Free Range-ETW & L Taylor
Lawwal SweetAs Northy S1FLawwal Blitz Northy S0FWestedge VHR Sweet As S2FK & MK Singh Farms Ltd
Waitaria Rnge Tala-ET S2FWaitaria Bkdp Tyra S1FLightburn Free Range-ETPoplar Partnership Ltd
Waitaria Stat Tori-ET S2FWaitaria Bkdp Tyra S1FRiverbank BBL Station S1FPoplar Partnership Ltd
Waitaria Kauri Kali S2FWaitaria Beamer Kara S2FTanglewood MT Kauri S2FPoplar Partnership Ltd
Waikopani Straus Jade S1FWaikopani Remedy Jade S0FMAH Dark Strauss-ET S1FWaikopani Holdings Ltd
Buelin TMK Honey S2FBusy Brook SB Honey S2FTanglewood MT Kauri S2FCView Trust
Paynes Bachlr Pru-ET S1FPaynes Dude Priya-ET S3FZinks GFB Bachelor-ET S1FPayne Farms Ltd
Paynes Ovrtme Pam-ET S1FPaynes Topn Panama-ET S2FWerders DE Overtime S1FPayne Farms Ltd
Paynes Azure Pan-ET S1FPaynes Topn Panama-ET S2FMeander TD Azure-ET S1FPayne Farms Ltd
Dicksons GG Maxine-ET S1FDicksons CP Margy S1FGreenwell GR Governor S1FMJ Dickson
Dicksons CP Maya-ET S3FDicksons MG Marie-ET S2FCosters Polartise-ET S3FMJ Dickson
Balantis R Paisley-ET S1FBalantis Gaunt Poppy S2FTanglewood MD Reef-ET S1FB & P Singh Family Trust
Tronnoco Res Delcie S3FTronnoco Gra Delta-ET S2FTralee GB Resonate-ET S3FTronnoco Farming Co Ltd
Tronnoco E Stazie-ET S3FTronnoco I Stella-ET S3FBuelin BM Equator S2FTronnoco Farming Co Ltd
Raymac Super Orrose S2FRaymac Ssire OrettaTafts GR Supervisor S1FS & J Ray
Raymac Convict Esthur S1FRaymac HH Esme S2FBusy Brook Convict-ET S1FS & J Ray
Raymac Mandate Jordyn S1FDicksons BG Mandate S1FRaymac Maxima Jocal S3FS & J Ray
Busybrook SPR Lama-ET S1FTafts GR Supervisor S1FBusybrook Gaunt Lama S3FRiverbank Dairies Ltd
Meander Govrnr Ari-ET S1FMeander Tech Ariel-ET S2FGreenwell GR Governor S1FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Straus Apple S1FMeander Dude Apple S2FMAH Dark Strauss-ET S1FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Station Ari S1FMeander Hoth Arial-ET S2FRiverbank BBL Station S1FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Lncelot Amy-ET S3FMeander Tech Ariel-ET S2FGordons AM Lancelot S3FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Reef Ash-ET S1FMeander Beam Ash-ET S2FTanglewood MD Reef-ET S1FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Reef Sue-ET S1FMeander 18-1-ET S3FTanglewood MD Reef-ET S1FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Meander Arrow Amy S1FMeander 17-65 S0FMeander SB Arrow-ET S2FR & A Bruin Meander Holsteins
Hillsview MFG Lesa Hillsview Beam Please S3FMaire FI GolddiggerG & K Coxon
Busybrook Arrow Fay-ET S2FBusy Brook Mill Fay S2FMeander SB Arrow-ET S2FHenley Farming Company Ltd

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