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2020 competition and award winners: Holstein Friesian NZ


Holstein Friesian NZ 2020 awards winners

Below is a list of winners of Holstein Friesian NZ’s prestigious production awards and national competitions in 2020.

*This list is updated as winners are announced.

Holstein Friesian NZ Paramount Cup

(Donated by the Cairns family and Holstein Friesian NZ)

Awarded to the top performing youth member at the 2020 National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp.

Lara Honeyfield

Dennis Terry Memorial Cup

(Donated by Christine Terry and family)

Awarded to the participant with the most improved clipping skills at the 2020 National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp.

Jared Rutten

Pitcairns Trophy

(Donated by Eric and Muriel Adams)

Awarded to the winner of the Holstein Friesian NZ Junior Judging Competition held in 2019.

Gordon Fullerton

Broomfield Senior Youth Heifer Competition

(Sponsored by Denis and Judy Aitken, Broomfield Holstein Friesians)

Awarded to the top two-year-old owned by a member aged 16-30. Points awarded for ideal TOP scores, protein BV and heifer ownership.

Belbrook Drman Elspeth-ET VG87.

Score: 98 points. Entered by: Robbie Wakelin.

Frank Pfister Trophy

Awarded to the highest scoring youth member (21 years and under) at an official Holstein Friesian NZ Judging School, who is not on the senior judges’ list.

Pete Smit

2020 HFNZ Semex On Farm Competition

Maughlin Storm two-year-old cow class

1st: Sherraine Gold Charm-ET VG85, Sherraine Holsteins

2nd: Waipiri Solomon Lakota-ET, Fullerton/Dreadon Partnership

Comestar Leader three-year-old cow class

1st: Waipiri Cain Kara VG89, D & P Fullerton

2nd: Belbrook Alonzo Jaime VG89, Belbrook Holsteins

Townson Lindy four-year-old cow class

1st: Kauri Glen Atwod Duch1-ET VG89, Kauri Glen Ltd

2nd: Sherraine Doorman Carrie EX, Belbrook Holsteins

Hanoverhill Raider five-year-old cow class

1st: Tahora Aftershk Tootsie EX, Huka View Dairies

2nd: Kauri Glen Fever Prim-ET VG89, Kauri Glen Ltd

Conant-Acres JY Broker mature cow class

1st: Oakdale Guthrie Miss VG89, Valendale Ayrshires/Fusion Genetics

2nd: Bellview Lavanguard Di EX2, Belbrook Holsteins

Comestar Laurie Sheik veteran cow class

1st: Sherraine Fortune Carra EX3, Sherraine Holsteins

2nd: San Ray Goldwyn Toots-ET EX2, Henley Farming Co Ltd

Boehringer Ingelheim Progeny Competition

Awarded to the progeny team with the highest points for classification based on the 2019-2020 inspections, scores for Udder Overall and Final Score, Production Worth and Protein BV.


1st: Maire Farms Ltd – Craig and Chantelle Rowe, Palmerston North            

Fairmont Mint-Edition. 412 points.

2nd: Henley Farming Company – Nathan and Amanda Bayne, Oamaru

San Ray FM Beamer-ET S2F. 409 points.

3rd: Henley Farming Company – Nathan and Amanda Bayne, Oamaru

Fairmont Mint-Edition. 402 points


1st: Tronnoco Holsteins – Tony and Keri O’Connor, Timaru

Maire Mint Fire-Up. 265 points.

2nd: Raymac Holsteins – Stephen and Judith Ray, Balclutha

Mourne Grove Hothouse S2F. 227 points.

3rd: Muritai Holsteins – Wayne and Leeanne Taylor, Waitara

Maire Mint Fire-Up. 225 points.

Nutritech Performance Awards

Calculated using herd test results from registered Holstein Friesian cows. The awards are presented to herd owners with the highest dollar earning herd average for their region, based on the Fonterra A+B-C payment system for the 2018-19 season.

Regional winners:

Northland. A and N Harvey Family Trust (Crossroads Holsteins). $3,846.04

Waikato. Lakeside Farms Ltd (R & E and D & C Johnson – Arapuni Holsteins). $4,492.80

Bay of Plenty. Schnuriger Family Trust (Raetea Holsteins). $3,742.92

Taranaki. CView Trust (S Buhler – Buelin Holsteins). $4,722.28

Hawke’s Bay/Manawatu/Wairarapa. Ridgeline Farms (B and K Powell – Radly Holsteins). $3,960.86

Nelson/Marlborough/Golden Bay. GM and AM Woolley (Waiview Holsteins). $3,402.82

Canterbury. Robinson Dairy Farm Ltd (Royal Oak Holsteins). $3,937.81

West Coast. No entries.

Otago/Southland. Hall’s Enterprises Ltd No 1 (Halls Holsteins). $4,345.67

National winner:

Taranaki. CView Trust (S Buhler – Buelin Holsteins). $4,722.28

Valden Cow of the Year

(Donated by Valden Stud)

The competition aims to identify cows that have contributed to the Holstein Friesian breed on a continual basis. They must have completed at least four lactations.

Winner: Raymac Justice Esonny EX 19*ET SP

Breeder: S & J Ray, Raymac Holsteins

Mahoe Trophy

(Donated by the late Mrs Hilary (RHA) Haylock MBE)

Awarded to the New Zealand-bred Holstein Friesian sire whose sire proof, as at the April 2020 AE Run, earns the most points for traits, daughter production, conformation and management.

Winner: Maire Mint Fire-Up

Breeder: C & C Rowe, Maire Farms Ltd

World Wide Sires Protein Awards

Awarded to the highest two-year-old, three-year-old, four-year-old and five-year-old protein producers for 2018/19 season.

CView Trust (Stefan Buhler – Buelin Holsteins) owns the top cow in each category.

Two-year-old winner:

Buelin Beamer Chrisie S1F. Kilograms of protein: 424 kg

Three-year-old winner:

Buelin Shadow Gaina S1F. Kilograms of protein: 464 kg

Four-year-old winner (and overall winner):

Valden Danny Donna-ET S3F GP84. Kilograms of protein: 545 kg

Five-year-old winner:

Buelin Odriv Gabby-OC S0F GP83. Kilograms of protein: 541 kg

Gabby is the dam of Gaina.

Withers Trophy

(Donated by the family of Brian and Greta Withers.)

Awarded to an elite heifer from the 2018 Discovery Project team, who in her first lactation as a two-year-old met the following criteria:

  • LW 250 or above
  • Classified 83 or better and classified with all two year olds in the home herd
  • Produced embryos
  • Calved by 31st October the following season

Winner: Tronnoco Fire Sakela GP84

Breeder: Tony and Keri O’Connor, Tronnoco Holsteins in Timaru

Tokaora Trophy

Awarded to the top registered two-year-old with highest points for classification, fat and protein production and BV’s in the 2018-19 season.

1st: Tronnoco I Stella-ET S3F VG85, Tronnoco Holsteins (T & K O’Connor)

Points: 135

2nd: Tronnoco House Sukali S2F GP84, Tronnoco Holsteins (T & K O’Connor)

Points: 134


Snowline Trophy

(Donated by the McDonald family.)

Awarded to the top earning veteran cow, aged 10 years or older, for 2018/19 season.

Fermoy Tallis Rona EX, Fermoy Holsteins (S & J Eden)

Earnings: $5,206.70.

Sherriff Memorial Trophy

(Donated by the late N and V Sherriff.)                         
Awarded to a member of less than 10 years, who achieved the highest average classification score for two-year olds in 2019-20 season.

Winner: Kapu Holsteins, K and L Sands and family.

Black and White Youth Photo Competition

(Sponsored by Jim Conroy)

Junior Class:

1st: Boyd Ferguson

2nd: Gabrielle Scherer

3rd: Charlie Scherer

Senior Class:

1st: Brad Seager

2nd: Jay Seebeck

3rd: Lorna Button

Promotional Photo Competition

(Sponsored by Longsdale Holsteins)

1st: Sue Pembridge

2nd: Jessica Willis

3rd: Katy Button

2020 HFNZ DeLaval All NZ Photo Competition

Senior Cow

Champion: Tahora Bolton Legacy EX2, Tahora Farms

Runner up: Okawa Cliff Natasha S3F EX2, Okawa Ltd

Intermediate Cow

Champion: Lakeview OK Addington VG88, Lakeview Holsteins

Runner up: Sherraine Doorman Carrie EX, Belbrook Farming Ltd

Junior Cow

Champion: Waipiri Solomon Lakota-ET VG87, Fullerton/Dreadon Partnership

Runner up: Larkspur Beemer Libby-ET, Fusion Genetics Ltd

Yearling Heifer

Champion: Hukaview Darlin August-ET, Hukaview Holsteins/Kailey Dairies Partnership

Runner up: Radly Doorman Dice-ET, Ridge Line Farms (2012) Limited 

Heifer Calf

Champion: Frontier S-Kick Leeza, Finally Farms Limited

Runner up: Fairview WM Resolute, Fairview Holstein Farm

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