All prices include GST and are subject to annual review

Registration Services

  • Herd Prefix$5.75

    There is a one-off fee to register the herd prefix (stud name)

  • Annual Cow Fee (per cow)$2.92

    Members are charged an annual cow fee in August. This is calculated on the number of registered females over 20 months of age as at 1 June, recorded on database at the location linked to the member’s participant code.

  • Animal Registration Fees
  • Female animals under 20 months of age as at 1 AprilNo charge
  • Female animals over 20 months of age as at 1 April$7.60
  • Record Recovery (for base animal only)$115.00
  • Bulls under 24 months of age$22.14
  • Bulls over 24 months of age$70.00
  • Bull dam inspections (first unregistered dam of bulls)$95.00
  • Registration ReportNo charge
  • Individual Registration Certificate (per animal)$2.30
  • Naming Service (per animal)$1.15

TOP & Classification Services

  • Herd Fee$130.00
  • Two-year-old heifers - Registered$6.50
  • Two-year-old heifers - Grade$2.00
  • Older cows - classified with two-year-olds$8.75
  • Older cows only$10.60
  • Recommended Withdrawal (RW)$5.90
  • Registration Fee (with classification)$7.60
  • Cancellation Fee (3-7 days)$121.50
  • Cancellation Fee (0-2 days)$240.00
  • 20% variance penalty$240.00
  • Minimum Fee (tour option)$250.00
  • Special ClassificationCost recovery basis
  • Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Daughter Classification Rebate($12.00)
  • Discovery Project Discount10% plus

NOTE: A 15% discount applies for all members classifying for the first time.

HFNZ Open Genomic Testing Service

All costs quoted below are per animal.

  • 50K chip genotype, DataGene DNA parentage verification & evaluation results (females & males)NZ$ 59.65
  • 50K chip genotype, CDCB DNA parentage verification & evaluation results (females only)NZ$ 52.95
  • 50K chip genotype, CDCB DNA parentage verification & evaluation results (bulls <15mths) NZ$ 367.95

    *Pricing for bulls over 15 months of age is available on request

Other additional tests available:

(These tests can be requested at the same time and done from the same sample)

  • Add TPI(g) – CDCB onlyNZ$ 2.00
  • Add A2 testingNZ$ 14.00
  • Add PolledNZ$ 8.70
  • Add Health Test - package 1NZ$ 16.75
  • Add Health Test - package 2NZ$ 33.50

All animals genomically tested through the HFNZ Open Genomic Testing Service will be registered free of charge.

Awards & Competitions

  • Holstein Friesian New Zealand - DeLaval All NZ Photo Competition (per entry)$11.50
  • Semex On-Farm Competition entry (per animal)$10.00
  • Star Brood Cow Award (initial nomination)$57.50
  • Star Brood Cow Award (subsequent nomination)$28.75
  • Superior Production$11.50


Other Fees

  • Three Generation Pedigrees$8.05
  • Herd Sign (double sided)$300.00 + freight
  • Herd Sign (single sided)$201.25 + freight
  • Herd Book$51.75
  • Performance Register$92.00