The objective of Discovery Project is to support the opportunity for breeders, through advanced breeding technologies, to develop top cow families and breed bulls for the AI industry.

Do you have a high BW heifer calf(ves) with the potential to provide Holstein Friesian bulls for the industry? If so, nominate her for the Discovery Project!

What is Discovery Project?

  • Sponsored by LIC.
  • Genomic screening of up to 300 registered rising one year old heifers – with 50 ultimately selected to participate (of potential bull dam standard).
  • Dependent on the service provider and option chosen, heifers will either travel to the provider or remain on the owner’s farm.
  • Matings will be mutually agreed to by both Breeder and LIC.
  • Options for the embryos to be implanted into the owner’s or the service provider’s recipients. Provider recipients can be purchased pregnant or you can use a live calf option whereby weaned calves are sent home (provider recipients only available with ABS).


  • TVR based at the ABS centre with six sessions taking place at 10 to 14-day intervals.
  • A TVR/MOET programme with ABS, based at the breeder’s home farm.
  • A MOET programme with Ova-Achievers, based at the breeder’s home farm.


  • Free genomic evaluation of heifers (and uploading to LIC database).
  • Absolutely no breeding restrictions on heifers screened or resulting female progeny .
  • Free parentage and defect testing.
  • Negotiated pricing for TVR and MOET services with ABS and Ova-Achievers.
  • Discount on classification of all two-year-olds classified in the year the Discovery Project heifer(s) is inspected as a two-year-old. Discounts: 10% for one Discovery heifer and a further 5% for any subsequent Discovery heifers classified at the same time (up to a maximum 30% discount). All two-year-olds must be inspected under the Conditions of Classification for the discount to be applicable.
  • Free semen for TVR/MOET (and AI mating if agreed to by breeder).
  • Preferential access to elite young sires (if of interest to the breeder).
  • All resulting bull progeny are genomically screened through LIC:
  • Bull progeny may be purchased by LIC – under the following options:
    • Royalty option – $1,000 at the time of bull purchase plus $0.60/non sexed straw sold or $1.20/sexed straw sold royalty, if the bull is marketed by LIC
    • Fixed Price option – $4,000 at the time of bull purchase plus $10,000 if the bull is utilised through any LIC team
    • Both options include an additional payment of $1,000 per bull purchased should they result from an embryo transfer (ET)
    • Any bulls not subsequently purchased by LIC are eligible for LIC’s rearing fee at $300 per bull
  • Holstein Friesian NZ also receives a royalty per straw of semen sold if any bull generated through the Discovery Project is marketed by LIC
  • Free grazing while undergoing TVR or MOET work at ABS.
  • AI option at ABS centre.
  • Guaranteed 50% hold rate for fresh embryo transfers with both ABS and Ova-Achievers.
  • Free LIC Customate Plus for the entire home herd.