Holstein Friesian NZ Genetic Leaders

Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders is a joint venture between Holstein Friesian New Zealand and CRV Ambreed proving young sires for members. Up to six bulls are selected each year to be sire-proven. Two payment options on the bulls are available to the breeders giving them the potential for generous rewards should any bull end up with a marketable proofs. Housed at CRV Ambreed, the young bulls are marketed through both CRV Ambreed in their Progeny Test herds (not sold as young bulls) and Holstein Friesian New Zealand.

2020 Team Catalogue

Members can support this venture by purchasing straws for as little as $5.00 plus GST per straw. To get the best advantage of the genetics on offer we suggest you purchase a selection from the whole team. Single bull options are available if desired.

Purchasing Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders’ semen also allows you to reduce the cost of your two year old classification. Get the two year old daughters inspected for Traits Other than Production (TOP) and classification, and you will receive a rebate of $9.91 plus GST for every daughter inspected. The current cost is $5.50 plus GST per heifer, meaning you will be paid just under $5.00 plus GST for every Holstein Friesian  Genetic Leaders daughter classified.

Team Nomination & Selection Process

Is your bull calf the next Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders superstar?

Nominate your bull calf(s) for the 2021 Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders team. Holstein Friesian New Zealand and CRV Ambreed team up again this year to select New Zealand’s next generation of top Holstein Friesian bull calves for Genetic Leaders.

Up to six high merit bull calves will be selected to:

  • Add value to the future of New Zealand dairy farming
  • Increase efficiency and production
  • Support different farming systems in New Zealand

Nomination guidelines

  • All bulls nominated must be a minimum of F16.
  • Fat and Protein BVs ~25.
  • Dam and Granddam should have a minimum Classification of GP83.
  • Calves must be eligible for registration and be recorded on Database prior to nomination.
  • New Zealand Merit Index (NZMI) will be a key criterion used to select the 2021 Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders team.
  • The selection process will place a strong emphasis on Protein production, Udder Overall, Dairy Conformation, Overall Opinion, Capacity, Fertility and Somatic Cell Count.
  • Bull Calves must be born prior to 15 September 2020.

Nomination deadlines

There are two close-off dates for nominations to the 2021 team.

  • 24 August 2020
  • 5 October 2020

Selection process

Holstein Friesian New Zealand will contact you within 10 working days of the nomination close off to advise whether or not your bull calf meets the criteria for the next round of selection. If successful, a DNA sample will be requested from the bull for genotyping. You will be informed within approximately six weeks of the nomination close off if Genetic Leaders is still interested in your bull calf(s) for selection to the 2020 Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders’ team.

The HFNZ/CRV Sire Proving Committee will announce the 2021 Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders team in December 2020.

Programme benefits

  • Genomic results for all bull calves selected
  • Greater exposure of your genetics if your bull graduates and is marketed genomically or when proven
  • Semen royalties for both the Breeder and the Association, when a bull graduates and is marketed.