Things to look out for when purchasing Semen from a Catalogue

With many 2022 catalogues out now, please take the time to look at the bulls you are interested in purchasing and ensure they do not downgrade the pedigree status of your animal/herd.

Things to check for before purchasing semen include:

Pedigree registration status

PF = Full Pedigree
SF = Supplementary Pedigree
*If you have a full pedigree dam (F16) and use a S1F or S2F sire, this will reduce the pedigree status of the resulting progeny.

Other breed content

Example: F14J2 means the bull is two parts Jersey.

Sire breed content

The sire breed content must be F14 or greater and the paternal grandsire must be registered.

Unregistered bulls

The progeny of unregistered bulls, including overseas bulls (F14 or above) will only be registerable if the company marketing the bull agrees to the bull being registered with HFNZ.

Overseas bulls registered in another country are not considered registered in New Zealand. If the bull is not registered, any resulting progeny can be registered but will start at S0F.

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