M Phipps #11

New export order; 2018 and 2019 born heifers wanted

PGG Wrightson

Under the arrangement Holstein Friesian NZ has with PGG Wrightson/Austrex NZ/Genetic Development NZ, the below export heifer contract is available.

This is your opportunity to support Holstein Friesian NZ at no cost to you, the member. 

You MUST direct your order through HFNZ in the first instance, and then HFNZ will receive a 1% commission from PGG Wrightson/Austrex NZ/Genetic Development NZ on every heifer sourced. The commission paid to HFNZ will not affect the amount the farmer receives.

Austrex NZ

2019 spring born heifers


  • F8-F11-F12 or better with Dam and Sire information (fully recorded).
  • Must be true to type with no horns, no ringworm, correct udders and have a full tail.
  • Delivery May 2020.
  • Usual Chinese protocol blood testing by AsureQuality over a two week period.
  • The heifer must have been on the disease-free property for a minimum of six months. An owner’s declaration will be signed, and verification obtained from the vendor’s vet. This includes being TB free for the past three years.
  • Prices; F12-plus $1375 gross. F8-F11 $1300 gross. This is the price paid by Austrex NZ. Please note the gross price will be + GST. Payment 14 days post-delivery to PEI.

Click here for full details.

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