HFNZ/PGG Wrightson – Heifers for export

PGG Wrightson


Here is an opportunity to support Holstein Friesian NZ at no cost to you, the member:

HFNZ have teamed up with PPG Wrightson to source heifers for export. If you have surplus stock to sell, then please contact the HFNZ Office with your details and the number of heifers you have to sell. This information will be passed onto PGG Wrightson and you will be contacted by their agent.

You MUST direct your order through HFNZ in the first instance, and then HFNZ will receive a 1% commission from PGG Wrightson on every heifer sourced. The commission paid to HFNZ will not affect the amount the farmer receives- this will come out of the existing PGG Wrightson commission.

The criteria and details are as follows:

  • 2018 born F12 heifers or above
  • Must be true to type
  • Delivery September 2019
  • Price: $1,150 gross. This is the price paid by Austrex NZ. Please note the gross price will be +GST. Any agent’s commission will be deducted from this price.

Please contact Cherilyn Watson to register your heifers:
07 839 9957 – c.watson@nzhfa.org.nz

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