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Genomic Testing service 2020

Holstein Friesian NZ members are able to access a discounted genomic testing service again in 2020.

The association has partnered with Weatherbys Scientific in Ireland to offer the genomic screening service.

Genomic testing identifies calves with the greatest genetic potential quicker, enabling breeding decisions to be fast-tracked.

Weatherby’s special introductory pricing offer remains in place.

The close off dates for samples to be at the Holstein Friesian NZ office by in 2020 are:

  • 14th February
  • 16th March
  • 8th June
  • 17th August
  • 14th September
  • 12th October
  • 16th November

*We must have a minimum of 15 samples for them to be sent for processing, or they will wait and be sent with the next round.

All costs quoted below are per animal and exclusive of GST.
50K chip genotype, DataGene DNA parentage verification & evaluation results. NZ$59.65
50K chip genotype, CDCB DNA parentage verification & evaluation results females only. NZ$52.95
50K chip genotype, CDCB DNA parentage verification & evaluation results bulls >15mths. NZ$367.95
*Pricing for bulls over 15 months of age is available on request.

Other additional tests available:
These tests can be requested at the same time and done from the same sample
Add TPI(g) – CDCB only. NZ$ 2.00
Add A2 testing. NZ$ 14.00
Add Polled. NZ$ 34.00
Add Health Test – package 1. NZ$16.75
Add Health Test – package 2. NZ$33.50

All animals tested through the service will be registered free of charge.

Vials to collect wet tissue samples are available from Holstein Friesian NZ or Farmlands. Hair samples can be provided in a clean individual envelope or snap lock bag.

For all enquiries, please contact Amelia Griffin – 021 411341 | a.griffin@nzhfa.org.nz

Please note – there will be a slight increase in prices for this service from 1 June 2020.

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