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Ensuring a smooth 2022 Spring TOP Classification

Are you having your Holstein Friesian cows’ traits other than production (TOP) assessed this spring?

There are a couple of important things to remember to help ensure an efficient classification tour for our inspectors: 

  • Ensure your records are up to date, which includes entering all calvings into the database and tagging of your 2-year-old heifers.
  • Synchronise your records 48 hours prior to the inspector’s arrival.
  • If you are inspecting 2-year-olds for TOP/classification, all Holstein Friesian animals within your 2-year-old age group must be put forward.
  • Heifers will not be TOP inspected unless they have been calved for 14 days or more. To ensure we get all 2-year-olds, please make sure you present all 2-year-olds to the inspector, as the new system will record those that are within 14 days of calving.
  • Animals must be inspected on a concrete surface.
  • Health and Safety of the TOP inspector is the responsibility of the farm, from the time they enter the property until they leave.

Remember, if you are a Holstein Friesian NZ member and classifying for the first time you will receive a 15% discount.

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