M Phipps #9

Austrex Export Order

PGG Wrightson

Austrex NZ is seeking 2021-born Holstein Friesian heifers for delivery the end of September 2022.

They are seeking F8 and better, true-to-Friesian-type animals with a fully recorded dam and sire, that have been at the property of origin for a minimum of six months.

Cattle must be 250kg minimum at delivery, with no horns, no ringworm, no hernias, correct udders and a full tail.

If you make your order through Holstein Friesian NZ, the association will receive a 1% commission. Our partnership with PGG Wrightson does not affect the money you receive and is a great opportunity to support Holstein Friesian NZ.

This export contract is worth considering if you have surplus Holstein Friesian heifers.

Click here for more information.

Contact Cherilyn Watson on 021 702 172 or c.watson@nzhfa.org.nz to register your interest.

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