2022 What If Reports

We’ll be sending out What If Reports this month to members on Registration Standing Order.
If you have ticked the box for the office to register and name your 2022-born female animals there is nothing more you need to do.
If you name your animals on Minda or myHERD you need to send your What If Report back to the office indicating the animals you wish to register.
Bulls are not automatically registered, so please provide a list if you wish to register your 2022-born bulls and remember – all bulls must hold a G3 (or equivalent) profile to be eligible for registration.
Last financial year the association handled registrations for 15,494 animals.
About 160 breeders have already authorised us to automatically register their young stock through standing order.
It’s a convenient service we provide to ensure you don’t get behind.
If you would like to have your herd on standing order, contact Sharon Goldsbury at s.goldsbury@nzhfa.org.nz.

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