This prize is awarded to the two year old in milk heifer with the highest overall points. Points are awarded for ideal TOP scores, protein BV and heifer ownership.

  1. Open to one entry per youth member aged between 16-30 years of age at the close off date.
  2. Open to all in milk 2 year olds, born between 1 January 2019 & 31 December 2019.
  3. Heifer must be entered by a financial member.
  4. Must be registered or eligible for registration with Holstein Friesian New Zealand with a minimum of F12.
  5. Animals are to be inspected by an official TOP inspector and final score results as recorded on National Database will be used to calculate points. Points will be awarded out of 9, for udder overall, dairy conformation and capacity. Points will be awarded for TOP scores nearest those regarded as ideal for the breed, for feet and legs, rump angle, front teat placement and rear teat placement. e.g. feet and legs 5 = 10, 4 & 6 = 8, 7 = 2, 3 & 8 = -4, 1 & 9 = -10. The production element will be considered using the protein BV as at the April AE run, gaining 1 point for every BV point. An extra 5 Points will be awarded if the heifer is owned by the youth member or within a trust, company, partnership or syndicate of which all members are Black and White Youth members.
  6. Will be inspected in conjunction with classification tours.
  7. Entries to be named with birth ID, DOB and the address where the heifer will be inspected.
  8. All results are available for publication.