The Breeders

Lawwal, is a recently established stud based in the Waikato owned by K + MK Singh Farms whose family have a passion for breeding Holstein Friesian cows that they can trace back to Punjab, India.

The Spencer cow family is the centre of the stud’s breeding programme. Lawwal was lucky enough to fast track their breeding programme by purchasing cows from Pelorus Holsteins, based in the Rai Valley Nelson.

Lawwal’s current breeding uses mainly North American genetics with a small amount of New Zealand bred cows. Lawwal’s aim is to breed functional type, high producing cows. They have a strong focus on the environment and feeding cows to their potential, so house their cows in a 1000 cow free stall barn.

The Cow Family

Lawwal Sweet As Claret-ET S2F is a heifer with a sassy personality. Sired by one of the best ‘Sweet As’ and matched with a strong maternal line. The Clarets are lengthy, silky black angular cows that make a great deal of milk and look outstanding doing it.

Sweet As Claret’s dam Pelorus Beamer Claret VG88 is a no fuss cow doing 782kgs of milk solids this season in 305 days and still going strong. Beamer Claret’s dam Renegade Claret was a EX3 and she is from a special cow at Cloudy Bay – Donor Claret. Sweet As Claret is showing capacity, confirmation and has a heap of potential to be a top producer – A2A2.