The Breeders

Cresslands Farms Ltd is a pedigree Holstein Friesian stud located 30 minutes north of Christchurch. The Stewart family has been on the farm more than 70 years, Graham’s father starting the stud in the 1950s. They milk all year round and use mainly North American genetics across their herd. Graham says he likes breeding Holstein Friesians as they are hardy and he likes their ability to produce long lactations. He says the stud is focussed on breeding a complete cow that is good looking and very efficient.

The Cow Family

Cresslands Sidekick Lily comes from a long line of successful show cows. Her dam, Cresslands Impression Lily EX2 was second place three-year-old at the Christchurch Show and third place in the National Semex On Farm competition at five-years-old. She was also second in the six-year-old in milk, Christchurch On Farm in 2020.