Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Superior Female programme is a joint contract mating scheme between Holstein Friesian New Zealand and CRV Ambreed to ensure the best genetics, within New Zealand’s own pedigree Holstein Friesian population, are sourced and made available to the dairy industry. The scheme complements the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male programme.
The Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Superior Female Programme will offer freedom of choice to the Holstein Friesian New Zealand membership, along with the ability to look at genomic information for high merit females in their herd. CRV Ambreed will genotype around 150 heifers annually for the Programme. 
All resulting progeny will be considered by the HFNZ/CRV Ambreed Sire Proving Committee.

Nomination Guidelines

  • 2020 Spring born
  • 3 generations of registered pedigree
  • PF16 or SF16
  • Min dam/granddam classification GP83
  • A focus of the programme will be on cow families

Selection Process

Nominations close
Selection of preliminary team for DNA genomic testing

Committee decision and Superior Female team selected

Benefits to Members

  • Complimentary genomic testing, parent verification and defect test
  • Complimentary semen supplied
  • Discounted TVR/MOET programme for all females 22 months of age or over that enter the Programme
    • Resulting male progeny automatically offered to the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male Programme
    • No breeding restrictions on resulting female progeny
    • Mating sires assigned in consultation with breeder
  • TVR/MOET collection will occur at ABS in Hamilton, and collection centres used in CRV ET programme throughout the country, after the heifers first calving
  • Access to CRV genomic sires
  • Discounted classification of all two year old's within the breeder’s home herd for females in the Programme. First female will be discounted by 10%, with a further 5% for any subsequent female in the Programme, up to a maximum discount of 30%. The classification must be completed under the standard terms and conditions of classification and as part of a classification tour.
  • All females will be followed through their first lactation, with highlights being recognised in the nzholstein magazine
  • Candidates that are genotyped but do not enter the Programme will receive genomic results, and parent verification
  • The opportunity to have male progeny proven through the very successful Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male Programme
  • CRV will offer a bonus for male progeny resulting from ET work entering the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male team.